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Building High Performance Organizations Overview

"Organizations that can learn faster than the competition will have a sustained competitive edge." -- Gary Hamel & C.K. Prahalad

The Challenge

What is a high performing organization? The best way to describe it is one where a group of people work effectively together and consistently achieve their goals. Much has been written about high performing organizations. The performance of an organization is driven by more than charismatic leadership and a business plan in a binder. Some leaders believe they alone drive organization performance or that the hand picked management team is the key. To develop a high performing team, it's important to integrate all the necessary success factors starting with what are the required competencies necessary to achieve the goals. Then insure that the following factors are present in the organization:
  1. Effective Leadership
  2. Efficient Decision-Making Process
  3. Good, Attainable Strategic Plan
  4. ...

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