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Common Organizational Challenges

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
-- George S.Patton

Growth Management Strategies has seen organizations struggle with many challenges. Some of these issues can be unique to the business, service or industry. However a number of them can be especially difficult to address and are a recurring themes across organizations of all sizes and industries. Here is a list of the most common business challenges GMS clients have sought help in addressing:

  1. Linking business needs, core competencies, human resources strategies and effective performance management systems
  2. Defining the critical competencies and capabilities needed to achieve success
  3. Developing and implementing staffing strategies that align with the business goals
  4. Designing and implementing success tools such as performance management, training business planning, incentive compensation, performance metric and goal setting
  5. Aligning human resources planning with business and culture so it provides business focused initiatives
  6. Developing strategies for managing that are aligned with the business goals
  7. Designing optimum organization structure that supports the strategic objectives
  8. Providing programs to help keep employees focused as well as to enhance goal achievement and contribution to the organization
  9. Aligning vision and mission with culture and business goals
  10. Developing and implementing cost effective compensation and incentive plans
  11. Conducting training and coaching programs that deliver the expected cost/benefits while developing effective leaders with a team-focus at all levels
  12. Programs to keep employees motivated, engaged and productive
  13. Properly identifying and evaluating business and organizational risks that could significantly impact the business
  14. Finding, hiring and retaining the key individuals needed for the success of the business

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