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Growth Management Strategies is a business and human resource consulting firm. We are committed to providing clients with high quality, effective, business-focused solutions to their human resources and performance management challenges in ways that will improve business performance. We start with your business strategies, building upon your strengths to create high performance capabilities that link business needs, organizational competencies and performance management systems. These services include
Compensation Plan Designs GMS has extensive experience in designing base pay, incentive and other types of compensation programs. We will conduct market surveys to help determine the competitiveness of your compensation programs. We also will design and implement the administrative policies that support the various programs.

Performance Management Programs These programs involve the design and implementation of performance management plans that support your business objectives and provide incentive, motivation and metrics for measuring results while managing employee and management expectations.

Human Resources Audits This audit includes a review of your plans, programs and processes such as human resources initiatives, regulatory compliance, compensation, culture fit with business goals , communications methods, planning activities, organization structure, training and development plans, alignment of programs and initiatives with business plan, goal setting and metrics for measuring performance.

Employee Surveys These tools provide effective methodologies to gain information about what is really going on in your organization. They can include attitude, culture, 360° multi-feedback and customer satisfaction surveys. We also can organize and facilitate focus groups to gather information necessary to address pressing business issues.

Policies and Handbooks We can develop policies, guidelines and complete handbooks as well as assist with employee meeting presentations and communications of them. These incorporate whatever regulatory compliance information is needed to insure you continue to be in compliance with all relevant labor laws.

Designing Human Resources Programs Other types of human resources programs can be developed. Examples are guidelines for organizing teams, Affirmative Action Plans, Time-Off plans, setting up and organizing a human resources department.

Effective Communications Programs Ineffective communications is the most common problem in organizations that are not meeting their goals. Our programs review existing methods of communications and design and implement programs to address your unique issues.

Strategies for Managing Growth These strategies link your business goals with your organizational resources and capabilities so your growth does not surpass your availability of human and other resources resulting in loss of business opportunities and key employees.

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